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Hi! I am Pravinraj Balashanmugam-Founder

            Ad LuCem Groups Founded in 2017 by young and dynamic visionaries, Pravin Raj Balashanmugam , Ad LuCem Groups is aimed at bridging the gap between Corporate companies and Latest technology.Here, the aim is perfection. Perfection is what we strive for.Creative and innovative design, constructive and meaningful deployment, converged and synergetic execution will lead our path to perfection.We work on branding and strategizing and assure quality in them.For that we will split our company like Ad LuCem Tech Services, Ad LuCem Evventz, Thrishicaa Enterprises.  We , as part of Ad LuCem, are set to redefine the term of ‘All Kind of IT and Infra Services’ offering hassle-free approach to the customer. We have an eye on time management and aim perfection. We call you to be part of this revolution.

We have a beautiful and spacious Office Infra Together with our Technical Staffs, we deliver Projects with technical  services for clients. Pravinraj Balashanmugam

Our team consist of client service, design and development, expert panel (mentor team) and operations.

Client service do the need analysis and feed to the design and development, who give customised solution, executed through the operations team. Design and development mentored by industry experts for cope up to the state-of-the-art services. Client service collect feedback and collective review finds inputs towards further design and development.

Dedicated professional onsite support, on call support, online platforms, Guidance and consultancy services.



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